Thursday, May 19, 2011

So yea..

Im trying to get a hang of this right now. this is my first new blog! 
im going to see as time goes by what direction my blog where be going but for now lets just freaking experiment. 

lets see... its Thursday May 19 2011
187 pounds
i just ran two laps around a hill via a trail.
so far i lose about 10 pounds more or less within the last 2 weeks
attempting to get down to 170... i was at 182 but i gained weight again -___-
ok lets see where this goes.


  1. That does not sound like you should be fat. maybe just not fit. Good luck with it.

  2. Wow. It does sound like you're in the average and ideal weight for your height.

    Unless you have absolutely no muscle and are covered in a healthy layer of fat?

    Mind posting some pics?

  3. yes i am skinny fat xD
    the price of being overwieght all my childhood life

  4. Almost 2 weeks since your first post. You're blog is doing great. Congrats!