Sunday, May 29, 2011

Handicapped :(

Damn guys, im injured :(
Remember how i went for that two mile run? well i woke up this morning with a bad very stiff leg...turns out wearing the wrong shoes can seriously cause harm to yourself
yesterday i couldn't find my running shoes so i substituted them for some cheap old vans i had like these

With hardly any cushion compared to my running shoes its no surprise that slamming my feet on hard concrete for 2 miles resulted in an injured knee :( now i cant bend it without it hurting...
im going to rest tomarrow and see how it is Tuesday because i want to continue my progress

so lesson of the day grab yourself some good Running shoes or Nikes that have support. i have never ran in vans before and NEVER had an injury like this. being young at the age of 19, no one is invincible 

Cant have sex unless you do it

Tip #2: Do it
yes my title has nothing to do with this article..well sorta. It caught your attention didn't it?? lol

I been away for a few days, ive been with my girlfriend celebrating her birthday all week... you know what that means... bad food and no exercise..excuses excuses thats all i have right?
“I’m going for a run soon, I really am. I’ll just finish this article and then I’ll do it. …
 Ah, better just return Roger’s call. … 
Mm, feel a bit peckish; can’t run on an empty stomach! …
 Feel a bit full now, better wait a bit. … Ah, this is the Simpsons episode where Homer…
I’ll just see the end of it. ... Oh, I don’t believe it!  Rain clouds! I’ll just see if it clears up. …
 It’s getting dark now, I don’t really like running at night. …
 Ah, that’s a shame, I really was going to have that run. Well, I’ll do it tomorrow!”

well its 10:00pm on a Saturday night and i decided to go for a 2 mile run!!! since ive been falling behind this whole week.
so see i did it, i said screw it and got back on the horse, find no excuses or your gonna find yourself stuck in a your own prison again. b e l i v e  m e. i been keeping off weight for 3 years just ask this. 
do you remember why you wanted to do this?

"success is not fatal..."

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hey Man Thats Not Lazy!

Yesterday i kicked off my exercising with a 2 mile run.
"Cisco what the hell is wrong with you! i though i was gonna lose weight by sitting on my ass 24 hours a day"
and im gonna laugh in your face and say, "i get to be lazy 23 hours a day and lose weight"

I find that any type of cardio works best. this can be elliptical machines, a bike, dancing, swimming, jogging. yes you might lose weight walking but expect to be losing weight 1 pound every 2 weeks ( unless your extremely overweight i would suggest walking). My personal choice is running.

 losing weight is the most easiest and efficient when i Run/jog. It doesn’t require expensive or special equipment, it can be done almost anywhere.Have you looked at the prices of those equipments?? $200? $594? uhh lol no thanks. The best thing about running is it burns calories seriously QUICK.  Its actually so good i can be on my ass 4 days out of the week and lose weight quicker then any other method :)

 Things that wont help you lose weight-Abs workouts or lifting weights. you need cardio in your life to lose weight. Lifting weights and such are to tone your body ( which you not gonna notice until you lose the weight anyways) in my personal choice im going to lose my weight first or Cut, before i begun to bulk up (add muscle)
i ALWAYS have a rest day in between exercise days. i get to chill and relax since i exercised yesterday, today is my lazy day and tomorrow its on again!

*on a side note i am still on a Low fat Diet while doing all this, even on my lazy days. its a good thing Chicken is the best lowfat tasting meat in the world next to turkey. mmm

Monday, May 23, 2011

coffee coffee coffee!!

Tip of the Day!
Heres a little secret!

Yes it may seem weird but coffee before a workout is a huge helper. Not only did i notice that i worked out longer but more vigorously and felt MOTIVATED. 
ever since then i try to drink coffee before every workout.. dont believe me? just try it next time

-Use NO SUGAR!! 
not only will you be digging a hole but you probably wont see results
use Splenda (its modified sugar so the body doesn't digest it) and it taste just as good!

-Limit the Milk and creams
Milk and cream are pretty much lard going into your drink. it helps with the taste as i use it as well but i put just a hint.. (remember this is a workout aid not a dessert)

- It takes 30+ mins for the coffee to be digested
30-1 hour to be fully digested. all those little caffeine molecules will be invading your brain in no time i just drink up get ready and head out which takes about 40 mins before im actually exercising  

BAM get shit done son!
Okay so bad weekend for losing weight. and working in a fast food restaurant doesn't help neither
Got high and ate like a Madman!
but i checked my weight and it seems im actually 185..not bad
Tomorrow (Monday) going to start running my two mile runs

in this blog you will see my progress and such. i have lost weight before and lost alot of it ( 40+)
so this will happen.
will post tips and tricks to losing weight.!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

So yea..

Im trying to get a hang of this right now. this is my first new blog! 
im going to see as time goes by what direction my blog where be going but for now lets just freaking experiment. 

lets see... its Thursday May 19 2011
187 pounds
i just ran two laps around a hill via a trail.
so far i lose about 10 pounds more or less within the last 2 weeks
attempting to get down to 170... i was at 182 but i gained weight again -___-
ok lets see where this goes.